South Durham Structures: Sustainability

At South Durham Structures, we are dedicated to minimising and eliminating as far as practicable the adverse effects that our Steel Fabrication and Erection works have on the environment in which we are situated.


We aim to make continuous improvements to our waste output and environmental awareness, and believe that good waste management and many small methods combined have the potential to make a real difference.


Here are just some of the objectives that we work to, in order to lessen our impact on the environment, and make our business more sustainable:

  • As a member of the BCSA, we comply with all legislation and codes of practise regarding Health, Safety and Environmental issues relevant to our industry.
  • All scrap steel and off cuts is recycled with a local Scrap company, which means that it does not end up in a land fill or polluting the environment, and the miles travelled in order to recycle the steel are minimised.
  • The life and efficiency of all works equipment is prolonged as far as possible, through keeping all equipment regularly maintained to a good standard by knowledgeable staff.
  • We always aim to transport our steel to site in the most efficient way, combining loads if possible and therefore reducing the amount of miles that transport has to cover.
  • Our employees are made aware of environmental issues regarding steel and the effect that our works may have on the environment, resulting in employees taking extra care in the work that they do, avoiding waste material and pollution as much as possible.
  • Before cutting any steel, we firstly nest it and aim for less than 1m of waste per bar, which is a very high standard within this industry.